Headaches post sauna, despite hydration? Decrease time spent

It’s interesting, there’s a ton of good publicity around sauna use, but not a lot of discussion around the pitfalls.

I’ve used the sauna off and on for a few years – and the biggest issue I run into are headaches after use.

Initially I thought I wasn’t drinking enough, and tried to hydrate myself out of the problem.

Whilst that may have been the case a couple of times, in general, it doesn’t work for me.

Instead, my best guess is that I’m staying in the sauna too long for my brain to cope.

What exactly is the physiological limit – I’m not sure. Probably something to do with the vasculature, and how the veins + heart respond to heat.

It’s definitely something to take seriously.

Now, my current approach is to bring a stop watch into the sauna with me, and try to figure out the sweet spot in terms of timing.

And then longer term, once I find a suitable thermometer, I’d like to cross-check the timing with the temperature.

If you’re in the same boat, and getting headaches, do take them seriously, and try to carefully figure out your upper limit of heat exposure.

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1 year ago

HI, thank you for raising it! I don’t experience headache (just in general) , however my Egrf drops bellow 90 and if and if I exercise this week than to low 80s, which says dehydration, even though I seat 20-25 min in infrared 55C sauna and take 0.75 bottle with sea minerals inside and than another 0.4L outside. along with herbal tea during the day (1L) , and I still can not get hydrated, considering I am bad at sweating, never sweat during exercise (tiny bit if HIIT), never during normal activities. the moment I stop sauna in 1-2 weeks my eGRF back to normal 90 plus. I don’t have kidney problems, in my 30s and health oriented.I can not seem to get hydrated.