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Success Metrics

I had a depressing realisation recently. If you earn £45k for the next 20 years, and put 50% of that towards your house it’ll buy you a house around £450k. Not THAT much for all that time.

Don’t most of us want a nice place?

Plus who can afford 50% of their income that consistently?

Except that it’s only depressing if you consider the value of your house important. If that’s your success metric then you may well be disappointed.
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Watching a recent TED talk – Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone

She discusses the effect of mobile phones on our social construct. Sherry noted our human need to ‘not be alone’ and how we’re shaping conversations over digital interactions rather than dealing with the messiness of face-to-face conversation.

It occurred to me that a snippet was missed off…

What wasn’t discussed was this idea of tribes and how digital tools are re-enabling an innate need for small groups or teams.
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Hairloss: Lessons Learnt Fighting It

October 2020 Note: This post was authored back in 2013, and 7 years later, I’d expect the hair loss landscape to have changed a bit. So fair warning, this is an old article.

As someone for whom hair loss is in the family tree, I was keen to find out if with all our modern technology and drugs, it could be prevented. I delved deep into the subject, and below I share what I’ve learnt.
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Middle Aged Obesity

The Problem

Up until recently (now 25 years old) I didn’t put on weight. I could happily eat ‘crap’ and not worry about the consequences. That’s not unique by any means – lots of guys are similar. It appears to be one of the benefits of youth. However as I’ve got older I’ve put on weight that wasn’t there before. Much like most men really.

Not a huge deal – but I’ve always dreaded ending up looking like a rotund middle aged man. I assumed that ‘listening’ to my body in terms of hunger was enough to stave off obesity – however it turns out this isn’t the case (unremarkably). Perhaps in pre-industrialised world where shops aren’t filled with high sugar snacks and drinks – this would be possible. Instead it turns out I’m going to have to be conscious about the food I eat *sigh*… so off I went in search of some answers.
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Sustainable Fitness

I believe in sustainable fitness, such that we should be able to remain healthy and active late into life. This approach requires science, moderation and discipline. It revolves around good… Read MoreSustainable Fitness