Creating Reality

N.B. This post is me trying to put into longer form my understanding, and belief, in the ideas expressed in the We’re Living in the Matrix video with Joe Rogan and Thomas Campbell. It’s a little out there and random,...

Good Calories, Bad Calories Summary

These are the ‘inescapable conclusions’ stemming from the research completed by Gary Taubes in his book Good Calories, Bad Calories:

/ April 26, 2013

Don’t Run Marathons

Understandably for many, marathon running is more about the challenge than it is about staying fit. Often runners raise huge sums of money for their chosen charities. However for those who think it’s a healthy persuit I’d urge them to...

/ April 19, 2013

Future of Labour

It seems clear to me that as we continue to automate the more mundane jobs the online jobs are going to thrive. Those that create the digital experience will have the potential to earn the big bucks. It’s a trend...

/ March 31, 2013

Put People First

What career should I choose? Or even simpler, what sort of job should I get next?

/ March 23, 2013

Success Metrics

I had a depressing realisation recently. If you earn £45k for the next 20 years, and put 50% of that towards your house it’ll buy you a house around £450k. Not THAT much for all that time. Don’t most of...

/ March 21, 2013


Watching a recent TED talk – Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone She discusses the effect of mobile phones on our social construct. Sherry noted our human need to ‘not be alone’ and how we’re shaping conversations over digital interactions rather...

/ January 6, 2013

Hairloss: Lessons Learnt Fighting It

October 2020 Note: This post was authored back in 2013, and 7 years later, I’d expect the hair loss landscape to have changed a bit. So fair warning, this is an old article. — As someone for whom hair loss...

/ January 2, 2013

Middle Aged Obesity

The Problem Up until recently (now 25 years old) I didn’t put on weight. I could happily eat ‘crap’ and not worry about the consequences. That’s not unique by any means – lots of guys are similar. It appears to...

/ December 31, 2012

Collaborative Working, Thousands of Miles Apart

“Having recently embarked on a web development project with a friend (Bobby) I’ve been learning a lot about collaborative working. After working together at a hackathon we took things to the next level with a freelance job agreed at Google...

/ October 9, 2012