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1 Year Later – Running and Weight Lifting in Barefoot Shoes

It’s safe to say barefoot shoes (specifically Vibram FiveFingers) have changed my life. In particular the way I train and run.

They change your cadence and posture when running – resulting in shorter, lighter strides. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to sustainable fitness, as your knees don’t take as much of a pounding.

Also when squatting or dead lifting I find my base is firmer – previously only matched by taking off my shoes.

If you haven’t already done so, get some! And go for the craziest colour that feels comfortable 🙂

October 2020 Update: 8 years since writing this post, can confirm, I haven’t gone back to regular shoes. Since writing this post, the company Vivobarefoot have blossomed into a company that designs nice (somewhat overpriced) barefoot shoes – and they’re all I wear currently. I can no longer run like I used to 8 years ago… needing longer breaks in between jogs (i.e. every other day, or so, rather than multiple days in a row like I used to). But I think on the whole, the barefoot style of running has preserved my running ability better than the thick heeled alternative might have (although impossible to know for sure!)

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