Tesla Robots and Mars – The Connection

I was recently mulling over Tesla’s announcement (2021 AI day) that they would be working on building humanoid robots. Given how clearly Tesla have focused on their original mission, quote: The move to make robots seems somewhat odd initially. Why not continue with laser like focus on: Affordable electric vehicles, home-batteries and solar roofs Especially … Read more

Covid Vaccines & Potential Spike Protein Toxicity

Update 03/07/201: Upon further reading/research this appears to be a relative non-issue in the case of the vaccines. I explain why at the bottom of the post. Original post: Recently I came across a recorded discussion by Brett Weinstein and Robert Malone on the potential toxicity of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Robert cites a paper … Read more

Fasting & Chemo – Change Log

This post covers the changes I’ve made to the Fasting and Cancer – How Fasting Before Chemotherapy Reduces Side-Effects & Improves Efficacy article over time. August 2022 – Updated: For some reason a number of the videos stopped functioning so I have have found other locations where they are hosted and fixed the links. I … Read more

How Fasting Before Chemotherapy May Reduce Side Effects & Improve Efficacy

This post looks at research in which fasting prior to chemotherapy has been shown to be beneficial. Specifically how it has been shown to protect healthy cells from the toxic effects of chemotherapy, demonstrated in human cells in vitro, mice models and breast cancer patients. Reducing chemotherapy side-effects and DNA damage. In addition to protecting … Read more

Valter Longo – The Longevity Diet – Summary & Discussion

Whilst Valter Longo is perhaps currently best known for his work on the Fast Mimicking Diet, he recently came out with a book; The Longevity Diet. Detailing the way he suggests approaching food (when we’re not fasting!). In creating The Longevity Diet, Valter travelled around the world studying centenarians. He put together a formula he … Read more