My mistake: Bitcoin, inflation & money printing

This post covers: My mistake in 2020/21 with understanding the financial markets and how they affect crypto Specifically around central bank money printing and interest rates How inflation led to policy change Lessons learned Setting the stage Since 2008 we’ve had low central bank rates of interest. This was, presumably, a short term measure in … Read more

Did Covid mRNA Vaccines Increase All-Cause Mortality?

Previously on the blog I had discussed research into the mRNA vaccine spike protein and potential toxicity. Essentially this was mis-information floating around on the internet, being used to scare people. Oddly, it was based on a real study in hamsters, but the caveat being that very high concentrations of the spike protein were used … Read more

How temperature (hot/cold) can increase risk of heart attacks and strokes (blood clotting)

I’m currently working my way through an incredible book called “The Clot Thickens”. It’s by a Scottish doctor, who writes with a sense of humour, on the topic of cardiovascular disease. Specifically, he points out a multitude of reasons why the “cholesterol hypothesis” is incorrect, and indeed there are many other reasons for cardiovascular disease … Read more

Who owns the Newspapers in the UK?

Below is an overview of who owns the various UK newspapers: Newspaper Owner The Times News Corp The Sun Daily Mail Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) i The Metro The Express Reach The Mirror Daily Star The Telegraph Press Holdings The Independent Sultan M Abuljadayel & Alexander Lebedev The Guardian Scott Trust Limited The … Read more

Magnesium supplementation aids exercise recovery?

This is just a quick post about a 2016 study in amateur rugby players, showing magnesium supplementation assisted in their post game recovery. Specifically the magnesium: Reduced cortisol elevation in the days after their game, compared to a control group that weren’t supplementing. Reduced an elevation in cortisol the day prior to the game. Suggesting … Read more